It's with sadness we inform you, ArtsIT will be wrapping up operations in early 2017. After failing to attain profitability for the third year running, we have made the hard decision to cease operations and shut down ArtsIT. 

Our office IT support services will cease immediately and no new support requests will be accepted from this point on. 

Our web hosting services will cease on February 28, 2017, any annual accounts that extend beyond this date will be issued with a refund equivalent to the number of months remaining on your plan. Any monthly accounts will not renew past this date. Our service will completely cease after this date and any remaining data, settings and content will be permanently deleted at this point. It is extremely important you act before this date to retain your website, email and other domain services.

Customers are advised to commence planning the relocation of your web hosting and domain registration. We strongly recommend Digital Pacific as an alternate hosting solution. (https://www.digitalpacific.com.au/hosting/

Digital Pacific provides a number of tutorials for web hosting, including moving your website to a new host. These instructions can be found at

We look forward to following your progress in the future and wish you the best.


Matthew, Matthew and Chris

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